Managing Epilepsy Surgery with a Michigan State of Mind

If there’s something worth laughing about, Kathryn Hopcian will find it. The 27-year-old has been laughing through the pain for as long as she can remember. Even now, recovering from epilepsy surgery, she’s laughing. “It takes a lot to get me down,” she says. “This experience has shown me that even when I’m faced with […]

When Battling Epilepsy, ‘You Have to Save Your Own Life’

The banging came in frantic blasts, each more desperate than the last. Soles slamming against wood until it splintered, the man’s shouts growing shriller by the second. It was the sound of a distraught father kicking in the bathroom door. So loud was the commotion, it woke everyone in the house. But 20-year-old Gordonnay Gaines […]

How Kayak for a Cause Led to a Strong Foundation

For nearly 20 years Kara’s confidence had lived in the cellar, thrust ever downward by the torrent of tonic-clonic seizures that struck at 13. After a lifetime of hiding in dank corners, Kara climbed bravely, fiercely into the light. It was 2013. Her grandpa, so beloved, had died. Kara sought to make him proud. “I needed to […]